Miss Earth Sabah 2012: After Grand Coronation

As the curtain for Miss Earth Sabah 2012 Grand Coronation closes in, the finalists and the organizing team, MNE Productions breathes a sigh of relief. The event has been a great success, I congratulate the effort of all people that has been involved since day 1. I also congratulate all the finalists for giving out their best for the Grand Coronation.

Here are some photos the morning after the Grand Coronation night, happy faces and heartfelt farewell filled their day.

Joanna Marie, still looking gorgeous

The Top 4 Winners

Farewell hugs…

Final group photo-shoot

The next week, on Monday, the Top 4 finalists made their special appearance on air with HITZ KK. Apart from interview session, the finaists entered a mini contest called Ultimate Earth Challenge.

After a few rounds of challenges, Grace was named the winner for the competition.

As I mentioned in my previous entry, the reigning titleholders dedicate their year to promote environmental projects and addressing issues concerning the environment. Today, the Top 7 finalists will be making their special appearance at Sembulan Waterpark opening, the opening will be officiated by our Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Musa bin Haji Aman.

Event will be starting on 6pm, I will be there to see for myself how great and what potential can this place brings to the people.

Where exactly is this place? Well, of you’re driving or riding bus to KK city, you will always see this place from the overhead bridge leading to Wawasan Terminal Bus or Wawasan Plaza. The place is just right behind Sadong Jaya building, you can’t really miss the place.

Anyway, enjoying your weekend so far? I did, in fact I’ve been to Borneo Reef World yesterday, and it was an awesome experience. I will blog about it on my next entry. 😉


p/s: Again, all of these photos in this entry was taken from Miss Earth Sabah Official Facebook Page and also from their Twitter.






Oh, I really need to clean up my room…

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  1. Aemy says:

    congrats to all winners!!! they’re all gorgeous!
    im lovin ur header picture..u really look like a Casanova! hahaha
    Aemy latest entry..Despite It All We Still LaughMy Profile

  2. Arms says:

    Header tu juga la paling mantaps. Kalo sia di depan ko sekarang, sia bow down and salute to you o. Hehee.

    Ba, congrats to all of them.They all look like winners to me 😉

    Happy Tuesday, buddy.
    Arms latest entry..Kitteh Monday: Caption, making felines 10 times hilariousMy Profile

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