Miss Earth Malaysia 2012: Journey of our ‘Environment Crusaders’

Miss Malaysia Earth 2012 has already started its pageant week(5 to 15 July), and a new challenge awaits up ahead for our ‘Environment Crusaders’, The Top 4 winners of Miss Earth Sabah 2012. Grace, Joanna, Deidre and Xandria, representing Sabah in the National Pageant of Miss Earth that will be taking place in Perak.

The name ‘Environment Crusaders’ was coined by YB Datuk Masidi Manjun, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment from his message of encouragement to Sabah representative via Twitter.

Earlier before they depart from KK, the Top 4 finalists went into makeup and hairdo grooming session with Beverly of MUAH Studio. Beverly gave out her best tips so they can do their own makeup and hairdo.

The ladies gorgeous evening gown was sponsored by Memories Bridal Gallery.

Hmm, I still think Deidre, Miss Fabulous should get the yellow evening gown, but they all looked very gorgeous in their gown.

They also made a courtesy visit to YB Datuk Masidi Manjun office, he gave the ladies words of encouragement before flying to Perak the next day.

The ladies do feel a bigger responsibilities they have to carry in the national level, so they keep on practicing and brushing up their environmental knowledge.

Grace prepares herself by doing more catwalk practice and her performance in the talent show competition. Deidre sharpens her skill to become a better public speaker by joining Kota Kinabalu ToastMaster Club.

Xandria was very exited to be one of Sabah representative in national level, she continued building up a good physical shape and reading more environmental issues on various medias, striving for full preparation for whatever challenges she may face during the pageant week. Joanna, is still overwhelmed by her winning but she continued preparing herself physically and mentally by doing a lot of exercises and does more in depth research about the environment.

In the recent press release, the ladies was asked whether they are confident to win the major titles in the national level pageant or to bring back the winning crown of Miss Malaysia Earth, all the girls came upon a unison agreement – YES!

Yes We Can!

Well, looking at their confidence and all their experiences I have witness during the pageant week of Miss Earth Sabah 2012, now, added up with the post-event preparations, I can’t see why not. I also have high hopes for one of them to clench the big title, but whatever the results may be, I hope that they all can prove how awesome Sabahan ladies are.

And just recently, Deidre has won the first subsidiary title – Miss Media Gorgeous, what can I say? she is Miss Fabulous. 😉

Here are some photos of Miss Earth Sabah Top 4 activity shared online recently,

MES Top 4 at Olumis Borneo Batik House

Miss Earth Sabah 2012 Top 4 at airport terminal

Just before takeoff

In front of Syuen Hotel, Ipoh, Perak

Azer is the Official Footwear for Miss Malaysia Earth

Official sash, t-shirt & eco bag for Miss Malaysia Earth 2012.

Grace, Joanna, Xandria and Deidre in their stunning evening gown

Miss Malaysia Earth 2012 finalists

On top of that, support our ‘Environment Crusaders’ on Miss Malaysia Earth page, give your biggest like and don’t forget to share it to your friends as well.






When people get to know nature and spend time in it, they start to realize how their actions affect it. ~ Gregory Euclide

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  1. patrick says:

    Oh my these ladies are so vary lovely, ♡ so beautiful like flowers,❀ I love ♥ the young lady in the yellow evening gown❤。 ◕‿◕。 , and fluttering lashes and fluttering hearts and fluttering wings not yet seen♥. I will travel to Malaysia to find a beautiful bride. all my love ♥ from Minnesota U.S.A.

    • Tom Rungitom says:

      Hi Patrick, Sabahan ladies are indeed beautiful. How about taking your time to visit some of the places and discover the cultures and the peoples here in Sabah. Its a good start. 😉
      Tom Rungitom latest entry..Otafuse 2014, A different experienceMy Profile

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