Mis hermanas

Mis hermanas literally means “My sisters” in English. Was thinking of a unique blog entry name so I chose a Spanish words. This is very related for my Day 7 of 30 Day Blog ChallengeYour family or a family member.

Back before the year 2000, we all thought that the family number will remain 5 for the rest of 1st and 2nd generation. But unexpectedly our first sister, Freddila Gloria a.k.a Fay was born in year 2000 and Freddanya Isabel a.k.a Cha Cha born 2 years later.

I still remember when the news broke out to us the 3 brothers that we have a sister for the first time, we’re jumping for joy, unlimited wave of happiness struck us all. The house was merrier with a new family member on board. They joy came back again when Cha Cha was born, and I’m proud to give her the name Freddanya.

Years have passed and when I looked back to their old photos, I feel so damn old already. Fay is now learning at science school while Cha Cha is still at primary school, finding her own path to a successful adult life.

Of course with that feelings also comes responsibility of the elders in the family. Mom and the workers in the family continue to support and watch over our little sisters, and hope to see they achieve the best in their lives.

Fay and Cha Cha

Fay(left) and Cha Cha(right)





I love them both so much and I will continue to take care of them until my last breath.

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