Midnight Writings 2

Well here I am again, another midnight writings before catching some zzzzz’s later. Taking the day off from to work tomorrow to accompany my little sister for a check-up at the hospital, other than that task, I will be free for the rest of the day.

Rungitom goes to KDCA 2012 archive

Rungitom goes to KDCA 2012 archive

Still feeling bitter because I didn’t get to KDCA for the Kaamatan finale festival, I browse through my photography archives. I was thinking about giving it a better post processing and re-upload it on my Flickr account. I hope next year I will be more prepared and join in the festival next year.

Facebook, I remembered joining this social network under the big influence of social gaming back then, Mafia Wars, in particular. The news-feed was filled with game requests and achievements being unlocked new share. It was quite ok, until I “friended” more people along the years and subsequently quit social gaming for good, it all changed.

Then again, social networks has its good and bad points.



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