Mango Garden Restaurant at Rumah Terbalik Borneo

So yesterday I went to Mango Garden Restaurant at Rumah Terbalik Borneo. Me and blogger buddies Chloe, Margaret and Sherrie went there for a food review session.

Mango Garden Restaurant

Mango Garden Restaurant,
Next to Rumah Terbalik Borneo,
Kampung Telibong,
Batu 21, Jalan Telibong, Tamparuli,
Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

Opening hours: 10.00am until 10.00pm (Serve no pork)
Contact Numbers: +60 88 783 911 (Tel) +60 88 782 503 (Fax)

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Mango Garden Restaurant

Mango Garden Restaurant serves a combination of contemporary and also the unique Sabahan dishes. Venture in the establishment, which is made with simple wooden architecture, yet added with glass panel wall for a great view of the surrounding.

This restaurant have been visited by TV3's Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan crew

This restaurant have been visited by TV3’s Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan crew

We met up with Diana Chia, the Direct of of Rumah Terbalik Borneo and Elsie.

Mango Garden Restaurant

The interior is well air-conditioned, decorated with timber furnishing and ethnic styled decor. I really love the photos which was used as the decor, it represents the peoples and other local attractions in that area.

Big size photo frame, exudes the ethnic feel to this restaurant

Big size photo frame, exudes the ethnic feel to this restaurant

Big looking glass to add Rumah Terbalik view outside

Big looking glass to add Rumah Terbalik view outside


Majestic photo of Mount Kinabalu

Majestic photo of Mount Kinabalu

Wooden frame with glass panel

Wooden frame with glass panel

A view of Rumah Terbalik from inside Mango Garden Restaurant

A view of Rumah Terbalik from inside Mango Garden Restaurant

Mango Garden Restaurant: The cuisines

So lets get on to the cuisines that was selected for our food review that day. Lets start off with the appetizer, Sabahan style,

Tinutuk Mangga

Tinutuk Mangga, RM5.50

Selected juilenne young mango, dressed with traditional fresh herbs, lime, shrimp paste and chilli.

Hinava Sada

Hinava Sada, RM 7.50

A must try dish when you’re in Sabah. Made from freshly selected fish fillet, marinated with lime, shallots, ginger and garnished with shredded chilli.

Tuhau Miampai Daging Salai

Tuhau Miampai Daging Salai, RM10.50

Though I’m not a big fan of tuhau, I’m really digging the char-grilled sliced beef. One of the best pusas (tidbits) taken during drinking session.

Noonsom Bambangan

Noonsom Bambangan

The uber popular homemade preserved Bambangan/Wild Mango (Mangifera pajang). It bears the sweet-salty-sour taste.

And then we have the vegetables,

Sayur Kailan Masak Dua Rasa

Sayur Kalian Masak Dua Rasa, RM10.50

A fusion between Bajau Semporna and Chinese method of cooking, served in two styles of preparation, deep friend and stir fried, topped with anchovies. Giving it a crispy yet very tasty dish, I personally love this one.

Sayur Rebung Masak Lemak Ikan Masin

 Sayur Rebung Masak Lemak Ikan Masin, RM10.50

Another tasty local dish. Its braised young bamboo shoots, cooked with herbs, fresh coconut cream and salted fish.

Now lets have a look on the main courses,

Ikan Goreng Sambal Hijau

Ikan Goreng Sambal Hijau, RM12.50

A Bugis traditional dish, deep fried marinated fish with tangy saute green chilli sambal and shrimp paste.

Manuk Tinapah

Manuk Tinapah, 13.50

Boneless chicken, marinated and barbecued to perfection, and topped up with delicious and thick coconut milk gravy. Highly recommended by me, you should get this one.

Sotong Bakar Masak Sambal Tomato

Sotong Bakar Masak Sambal Tomato, RM12.50

Another personal favourite, barbecued marinated squid, topped with rich, sweet and a bit spicy tomato sambal and onions.

Rendang Daging

Rendang Daging, RM13.50

The usual favourite of the locals, a must have dish on Eid ul-Fitr (Aidilfitri/Hari Raya) celebration. Beef cube that is slowly braised with herbs, spices and thick coconut milk until soft and tender.

Had Freshly Brewed Rumah Terbalik Coffee, RM6.00 (cold) as my drink,

Freshly Brewed Rumah Terbalik Coffee

Finally , rice is served with a portion of Sup Tulang as the soup, finished with taking photos, its time for us to dig in.

Sup Tulang DSC_0066

That was surely a big meal for all of us, took some time to sink in before the desserts arrived.

DSC_0088 DSC_0090

The desserts has arrived!

DSC_0096 DSC_0097 DSC_0098 DSC_0100 DSC_0104 DSC_0108 DSC_0109

I had another Freshly Brewed Rumah Terbalik Coffee, RM5.50, a hot one this time.


In conclusion, the trip to Rumah Terbalik Borneo is not complete without having a great dining experience in Mango Garden Restaurant, especially for those who love to try local Sabahan cuisines.

 I would like to thank Diana and the management for inviting us for the food review session, I enjoyed the food and the dining experience. I will be back again here someday.


Do check out their Facebook page, Mango Garden Restaurant and also their special offer in Groupon.






Mango Garden Restaurant, A Melting Pot of Sabahan Food

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