Malefiftycent: Get witch or die tryin’

It all began as a funny parody of Disney’s latest film, Maleficent with the rapper, 50 Cent spreading around the interwebs named as Malefiftycent.

Malefiftycent the movie poster

Malefiftycent the movie poster

50 Cent, being a good sport (or rather, agreed to the producer’s plan), just played along with it, and made a video sketch out of the parody itself.

[Parody Intensifies]

The video sketch, which aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live in the US, made like the original Maleficent movie trailer, before 50 Cent appears dressed in the glorious Maleficent costume.

Malefiftycent hehehehe

Malefiftycent hehehehe

Emerging from the dark forest, its MALEFIFTYCENT smiling!

"I've been shot nine times; I'm not afraid of no little white girl"

“I’ve been shot nine times; I’m not afraid of no little white girl”

Boy, I’m gonna remember that quote for a long time, the trailer soon showing Malefiftycent showing off his magic.

"This *tuut* just got magical!"

“This *tuut* just got magical!”


Here’s the video for your enjoyment!

To be honest, Malefiftycent costume is really cool,  that black coat with huge brown fur collar plus the notable Maleficent horned headgear. What? did I hear some cosplayers are trying to cosplay as him soon? Well, I would love to see it!

Malefiftycent in the flesh

Malefiftycent in the flesh

This video made my day today, here’s to a great weekend!



I’ve been shot nine times; I’m not afraid of no little white girl ~ Malefiftycent

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  1. Connor says:

    Malefiftycent! Oh man, this is so hilarious! 50cent is one heck of a great sport! Hahaha this made my day, thanks for sharing this!

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