Malaysia Stamp Issue 2015: Stamp Week 2015

Anyway, its the last week of October and also the last special stamp issue to be on sale, Stamp Week 2015.

Stamp Week 2015 design

Stamp Week 2015 design

Only 1 design for the stamp was made for this special issue, to be release tomorrow, October 27, 2015. Here is the full price list of the special issue on sale,

Sale list

Meanwhile at Pos Malaysia Headquarters, a mini event was made in commemoration of Stamp Week 2015. Expect really nice collectibles on sale that week, check this out.

Stamp Week 2015 activities

Most notably, collecting event catchet and daily cancellation with your Stamp Week 2015 Passport. Wish I am there to join in the event.

Stamp Week 2015 daily postmarks

Stamp Week 2015 daily postmarks

Meanwhile in real life, I’m currently juggling between office works, finishing artworks for #INKtober and finishing costume for an upcoming ACG event this December. Its getting a bit hard for me to make frequent updates in my blog. But man… look at all the pending blog entries that are screaming to get published.

1 week to November

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