Malaysia stamp issue 2015: 175th Anniversary of Penny Black (C)

On April 30, 2015, Pos Malaysia will be issuing commemorative stamp and first day covers in conjunction with the 175th anniversary of the Penny Black, widely known as the world’s first adhesive postage stamp used in the public postal system.

The idea of an adhesive stamp to indicate pre-payment of postage was part of Sir Rowland Hill‘s 1837 proposals to reform the British postal system. It was issued in Britain in 1840 and features a profile of the Queen Victoria.


The commemorative issue from Pos Malaysia consists of miniature sheet (measuring 100mm x 80mm with a 50mm x 40mm stamp), with the portrait of Sir Rowland Hill, highlighting the Penny Black stamp that features the profile of Queen Victoria and the Twopence Blue stamp, valued at RM3.

Pos Malaysia 175th Anniversary of Penny Black Miniature Sheet

First Day Covers that comes with the mini sheet is valued at 50 sen, so its RM3.50 for a set of FDC and mini sheet. The FDC design includes some Malaya’s and Malaysia Federation’s early stamps too.

Pos Malaysia 175th Anniversary of Penny Black First Day Cover Pos Malaysia 175th Anniversary of Penny Black First Day Cover with Miniature SheetIts beautiful and I love the classic feel to it, hopefully I could get a few copies for collection and sending some for my postcrossing friends. Its going to be selling like hotcakes, so get yours very soon tomorrow!

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