Lost memories

Well, this will be my first blog entry made via my newly acquired Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I’m getting the hang of my first ever touch screen phablet (Phone + Tablet). so far so good, I like the functions nad still unraveling new ways to use this device at full capacity, not just some RM2000 instagram machine.


Once again, my precious memories are now close to eradication. In the pic is my external harddisk which I kept all my photos from my college days until last year. the sudden failure reminds me of a previous loss happened years ago.

I feel so disheartened by this. All my life works, photos, some documents would eventually be lost forever, again. I tried everything I can to restore and even backing up the lost files, but nothing works.

I can’t help wondering what did I do to deserve this loss? As a guy who doesn’t own much in this world. Those photos especially, means a lot to me.





Sentimental values…

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  1. hubtips says:

    poor you…be strong mate..

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