Le pick-up lines

Another Tickle post for the day…

There are tons of pick up lines on the internet that you guys (and ladies) can use to win the the heart of their crush. No matter what style it is, you got to do it, or else, walk away like a socially awkward penguin. Like this guy for example, winning or not, you decide. 😀

Okay, I admit the last one does sound creepy…

How’s about you Tom?

What pick-up lines did I use to woo my lady? Ahaha, there was a a few, but all was honest words. Its a new challenge for me who always keep my secrets untouched, but everything changed when I’m with her. Talk about sharing my whole life to her, but then again, thats how our relationship works, honestly speaking. Even though we not always come out for a date together, we always “taking care” for each other via online world, she would check up my tweets and Facebook status just to know how I have been. I do similar things to her too, so whenever we contact each other up, be via Whatsapp or phone call, there is always something to talk about.






Can I get a picture of you so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?

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5 Responses

  1. Aki Borneo says:

    Yeah, that’s what we call words.. But I got my own version back then.. now less dy, lama tia training.. Ha ha ha.. 😀
    Aki Borneo latest entry..Out Of Box CreativityMy Profile

    • Rungitom says:

      Haha, practice with your sumandak bah 😀
      Rungitom latest entry..Le pick-up linesMy Profile

  2. Massy says:

    Cheesy pick up lines lol.

  3. Bev says:

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that guy!! xD
    Bev latest entry..Featured on KKmoiMy Profile

  4. Everden says:

    lol…. That’s great what a pick up lines.:)

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