Kota Bharu 4 Days 3 Nights Experience Part 2

Part II

Its November 18, and the sky is a bit gloomy over the horizon. But the tour continues as there are still many interesting places to be visited.

This is Part 2 of my Kota Bharu 4 Days 3 Night Fam Trip experience, a trip exclusively organized by Kelantan Tourism Board  with the cooperation of MATTA Kelantan and AirAsia Berhad.

Local crafts, culture and the Duty Free Zone

We checked out from Hotel Perdana and go at one popular breakfast and coffee spot in town, Kopitiam Kita.

Kopitiam Kita

Kopitiam Kita
No. 4357-A, Jalan Pengkalan Chepa, Taman Desa Jaya,
15000, Kota Bharu,
Phone: 019-981 0888
Opens 7:30am to 1:00pm

This is the place where you can find a wide variety of local breakfast menu, ‘”nasi berlauk” as they said it. This place is so popular that even celebrities and well known personalities come down here for breakfast.

Kopitiam Kita 9

Kopitiam Kita 2

Kopitiam Kita 5

Kopitiam Kita is popular with this delicious Roti Titab, a thick slice of bread, prepared ‘French toast’ style and added with soft boiled egg and kaya (coconut jam) on top. You must have one if you stop by the kopitiam for breakfast.

Kopitiam Kita 11

I also took Nasi Berlauk Air Dingin, looks like a simple rice with fish, but the taste is very good.

Kopitiam Kita 3


Roti Titab being prepared for the customers. Photo: Ah Bing

Roti Titab being prepared for the customers. Photo: Ah Bing

The guy in orang shirt is Mr. Wong, the owner of Kopitiam Kita. Mr. Wong is very friendly and always seen greeting with customers in the kopitiam, a photo with him is something that I cannot miss.

Kopitiam Kita 4

Kopitiam Kita 10

If you stay a bit longer, you can actually order satay too.

Kopitiam Kita 7

Kopitiam Kita 8

After yet another great breakfast we go into the world of Wau craftmanship at Kampung Badang. What is Wau? Well Wau or Wau Bulan is an intricately designed Malaysian moon-kite each with unique floral designs, that is traditionally flown by men in the Malaysian state of Kelantan.

Fellow blogger Ah Bing and Charlotte

Fellow blogger Ah Bing and Charlotte

Believe me that this old Wau workshop is the place of the greatest Wau crafter in Kelantan, Pak Shafie, creating his masterpiece.

Expert Wau crafter, Pak Shafie

Expert Wau crafter, Pak Shafie

He has been crafting Wau for decades and some of his crafted Wau are displayed in his workshop.

Wau Maker Kg Badang 4

Wau Maker Kg Badang 3

Crafting a single Wau is not easy, from the bamboo frame and the intricate designs, some Wau took months to complete said Pak Shafie.

Wau Maker Kg Badang 7

Decades of Wau craftmanship made Pak Shafie hands immune to bamboo strip and splinters, as you may know that bamboo strip can actually cut your skin if you are not careful.

Wau Maker Kg Badang 5

Take your time to soak in the beauty of each Wau you see here, see how Pak Shafie does the layers and layers of design on the Wau with precision. This is something that won’t get to see anywhere else.

Next up, we visit the keropok maker at Keropok Cap Kapal.

Keropok Maker 8

Keropok Kapal Laut
Lot 343, Kampung Kedai Buloh,
Jalan Kuala Besar,
15350 Kota Bharu,

Keropok Maker

Keropok Maker 7

Keropok Maker 3

Apart from seeing how the keropok ikan and keropok lekor are processed, we enjoyed the chunky keropok lekor and keropok ikan made for us here.

Keropok Maker 2

Keropok Maker 6

Its a real miss if you don’t buy some to take home you know.

Keropok Maker 4

Keropok Maker 5

From there, we move on to Cik Minah Songket.

Che Minah Songket 4

Cik Minah Songket
S/I-350, Kg. Penambang,
15350, Kota Bharu,
Operating hours: 8:00am to 7:00pm daily
Phone : 09-7481616 / 09-7441616

Cik Minah Songket is a renowned songket and weaving company in Kelantan taht has been around since the 1950s. The outlet sells songket in various designs, batik and other  local handicrafts. Their outlet was also featured in Jaime Dempsey’s Ride and Seek which was aired in Astro’s History Channel.

You can see how the intricate songket design was made at the ground floor.

Che Minah Songket 6

Che Minah Songket 5

The age old songket weaving technique has been passed down for many generations,  hand-woven silk fabric with shimmering metallic thread in between still gives a awe to those who have seen it close for the first time. A fine silk songket with unique design can easily reach up to Rm600 in price.

Che Minah Songket 3

Che Minah Songket

Che Minah Songket 2

After getting in awe of Kelantan craftmanship, we headed to Cikgu Nasi Ulam Restaurant.

Nasi Ulam Cikgu Reataurant. Photo: Ah Bing

Nasi Ulam Cikgu Reataurant. Photo: Ah Bing

This is the restaurant where you can enjoy Kelantan’s kampung dishes, ulam is equivalent to western’s salad. The ulam salad is served with budu,  traditionally made by mixing anchovy and salt, and also a little tempoyak durian (fermented durian).

Nasi Ulam Cikgu 3

Nasi Ulam Cikgu


Its a long road to our next stop, which is Rantau Panjang Free Duty Zone. From Kota Bharu, it will take you about an hour to reach Rantau Panjang.

Rantau Panjang Free Duty Zone 6


You know you’re already near  if you see this sign. Rantau Panjang is a town which is located near the Malaysia-Thailand border. For bargain hunters and shopaholics, this is a place worth going to.

Rantau Panjang Free Duty Zone 7

Rantau Panjang Free Duty Zone 8

Rantau Panjang Free Duty Zone 5

Rantau Panjang Free Duty Zone 4

I found this interesting sight and wondered what it was…

Rantau Panjang Free Duty Zone 3

They were actually buying some Bab Ice Cream (Aiskrim Baba), some people call it Thailand Ice Cream. We decided to buy one to try out the taste of it.

Rantau Panjang Free Duty Zone

Jello, nuts, corn, diced bread, and more tidbits stuffed into a tiny cup and topped with scoops of ice cream and sprinkle some chocolate rice. Interesting ice cream serving here, the taste is quite nice too, you should try one if you reach Rantau Panjang.

Rantau Panjang Free Duty Zone 2

Before heading back to town, we stop by at Sultan Ismail Petra Silver Jubilee Mosque, or more widely known as Masjid Beijing. This mosque, situated in Rantau Panjang, combines both Chinese and Islamic in its architecture.

Masjid Beijing 12

Fello blogger Calista wearing full cloth and headscarf before entering the mosque

Fello blogger Calista wearing full cloth and headscarf before entering the mosque

Masjid Beijing 10

Masjid Beijing 9

Masjid Beijing 8

Masjid Beijing 7

Masjid Beijing 6

Masjid Beijing 5

Masjid Beijing

Masjid Beijing 4

Masjid Beijing 3

Masjid Beijing 2

We checked in to another hotel to stay for the night, Renaissance Hotel.

Renaissance Hotel 4

Renaissance Hotel 5

We had our hi-tea here, and witness a great cultural performance from JKKN Kelantan.

Cultural Performance by JKKN Kelantan. Photo: Ah Bing

Cultural Performance by JKKN Kelantan. Photo: Ah Bing

Renaissance Hotel 7

Renaissance Hotel 8

Renaissance Hotel 6


After a good rest and refresh, we head out to Captain-T Restaurant for dinner.

Captain T 7


Captain-T Restaurant,
PT 247, Jalan Jambatan Sultan Yahya Petra, Seksyen 17,
 15050, Kota Bharu
Opening Hours: 4:00pm to 12:00pm
Phone: +6016 203 5763/+6016 412 5763

You see that right, that is the restaurant which modelled like a ship, just at the banks of Kelantan River. We get ourselves a seafood steamboat for dinner. The place is air conditioned and the staff are quick to respond to customer needs.

Captain T 6

Captain T 5

Captain T 3

Captain T 4

After our dinner, we head on to Cultural Centre to see Dikir Barat show. You can view more information about the cultural centre here, www.tic.kelantan.gov.my

Culture Centre 4


We had our chance to join in the Dikir Barat group to experience the fun of performing it. Its a new experience for me and the rest of the group.

Culture Centre 3

Culture Centre 2

Culture Centre

Pasar Siti Kadijah and the road home

November 19, its the last day for us here in Kota Bharu, but we have one more stop before going to the airport, Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah (Siti Khadijah Market). It was raining that morning, but that doesn’t stop me from going out and have a look inside the market.

This is a market where you can find fresh good like seafood,  poultry, vegetables and wide variety of fruits being sold. I love the centre dome design where the sunlight gives good lighting inside the market. I stood at the top floor and check out the scenery, so lively with people selling and buying.

Pasar Siti Khadijah

Pasar Siti Khadijah 6

Pasar Siti Khadijah 5

Pasar Siti Khadijah 4

Pasar Siti Khadijah 3


After the short visit, we then head to the airport.  Feels like its just yesterday arriving here in Kota Bharu, I got to experience many things and learned a bit of ‘kecek Kelate’ along the way. One day I should come back to visit more interesting places here in Kelantan.

With Ashman from AirAsia, who have been with our group since Day 1

With Ashman from AirAsia, who have been with our group since Day 1

With Mr. Saiful, our tour guide

With Mr. Saiful, our tour guide

Group photo before boarding

Group photo before boarding

Airport 5

Airport 4


Again , I would like to say thank you to AirAsia, AirAsia Bloggers Community for the opportunity, Kelantan Tourism and all other who are involved since Day 1 to ensure our visit memorable and enjoyable.

Until we meet again someday. 🙂

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