Jet black

30 Day Art Challenge Day 5Your favorite outfit, thats whats for 30 Day Art Challenge, Day 5. My attire didn’t change much these few years, if it did, it really doesn’t look much difference from the old one. But there is one attire that makes me proud wearing it, the Kadazan attire.




The Kadazan attire was mainly influenced by my mother’s side of the family, since grandma was originally from Penampang. I love wearing it, but in my lifetime, I only wore it during my uncle’s wedding (circa 2006). After that, it was kept in the dresser until now.

My own Kadazan attire has a jet black velvet clothing with gold trimmings called siling. It even have pockets for keeping small stuffs. I usually wear it with a white t-shirt underneath because the clothing does not absorb sweat efficiently.

The Kadazan attire





Heyyy, aramaiti!~

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