Its another long weekend

success baby long weekend aww yeaa

Its another long weekend again in Sabah, and I believe many of us are really looking forward for this. Some people just enjoy sleeping longer than usual and later after that, eyes glued to the internet for hours. What are you doing for your long weekend?

It was another busy week for me with designs to finish, proposals to prepare and my workstation to be cleared of useless stuff. I can’t believe I still keep unwanted stuff since 2010! Anyway, that unwanted stuff has been taken care of. I still be doing some work, just a simple one. Plus I have to borrow back the D5000 DLSR camera again, blame the shutterbug infecting me.

I still can enjoy the weekend though,

Heritage Sabah Malaysia Day 2012

Tomorrow I will be joining Heritage Sabah for their Merdeka Day Celebration.

It will be held at Borneo Museum 1945 Kopitiam from 12 noon. Below are the details from their event page,

All Heritage Sabah Supporter and Members are invited to come and meet our heritage advocate.

  1. Get to know the latest update on the Save our Heritage, Atkinson Clock Tower effort.
  2. Learn why it is important to save our remaining architecture and cultural heritage.
  3. What is Heritage Sabah (Architectural and Cultural Heritage Society of Sabah) and their others and future activities.

Be a member and join our effort to preserve and protect our past for our future generation.
Note: Foods and drinks is not provided but can order from the restaurant.

Coming up after that will be OtaFuse The 2nd 2012 that is happening on 1 – 2 September 2012 at North Atrium, Star City.

Otafuse the 2nd 2012 banner

This is an event exhibition focusing on Anime, Games, Comic & Cosplay culture. The word “OtaFuse” derived from the word “Otaku” & “Fusion”; which means the event is a combination of various hobbies for fans to gather and share their common interests. The event would be a showcase of various clubs and individuals such as Cosplay, TCG (Trading Card Game), Hobby Collectibles, Media Arts and much more.

I didn’t make it last year, so this year I will attend it and experience it. I’ve also ordered the special t-shirt from the organizer, I hope it is  ready to be picked up on the event day.

So thats my story for the weekend, have a fantastic weekend ahead and  see you again in my next story.






The feeling of Sunday is the same everywhere, heavy, melancholy, standing still. ~ Jean Rhys

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2 Responses

  1. Daniel Chiam says:

    Bring extra memory card for the cosplay event! Trust me! Don’t be shy to ask them to pose for you, they love it! Get them somewhere else for better pictures if you have to! Macam go taman ka just for that final fantasy out in the wild feel, haha. That’s what I learn from my first cosplay event! haha

    Happening oh ko 😀
    Daniel Chiam latest entry..Genting Week: The New SnowWorld Finally Open!My Profile

  2. Fadzmie says:

    Looking forward for the cosplay event. LOL.
    Fadzmie latest entry..Apa erti ‘Merdeka’?My Profile

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