I want to be a scientist!

Today I played this random Wikipedia game app on Facebook just for the fun of it, and here is what I got.

wiki game

This quickly brings my mind down memory lane of my ambition when I was a kid. Let me tell you the story of my childhood ambitions and whats become of it now…

 I remember the first thing I filled up on the Ambition (Cita-Cita) section on my Student Info card back in primary school,

#1. Scientist.

As a kid, I was exposed to various action and fantasy movies from the television broadcast such as Sunday Matinee in RTB (Radio Televisyen Brunei), Perillys Action Movie and Dunhill Double on TV2. The one that influenced the most was Back to the Future trilogy.

Doc Brown

Doc Brown

I was really stoked with the movie and inspired by the character Doctor Emmet Brown, who invented the time machine inside a DeLorean car and much other geeky stuff he made. As a kid, I really wanted to be like him and do all the smarty stuff just like him.

And so began my life as a “scientist” kid, these are a few things that I remembered me trying very hard to be the “scientist”;

  1. Stuffs kept in small plastic bottle, bullet fragments from a wild boar’s meat which I got from my grandma, seeds I got from my home yard, lizard’s egg, white and sometimes clear quartz stone, and… thats all that I remembered.
  2. Random item I picked up from my grandma’s sulap (traditional store room) I kept hoping I can turn them into something useful.
  3. Kept a few baby rats, only ended up to be eaten by the cat. My mother even asked me to swallow it, in a bid to cure my Asthma. Yikes! I didn’t do it by the way.
  4. Raised many tadpoles in a big Milo can, I’ve successfully raised them into a full grown frog in a few weeks. That also ended up being eaten by ducks, I was pretty sad when that happened.
  5. Acquired a few stuff from the science lab in school and made my own scientific experiments and random thingamajiggy, which didn’t worked out as I expected. But I had much fun doing it anyway.
  6. The experimenting also comes to cooking too, from flavours to ingredients, I remembered wasted 3 packets of Indomie instant noodle by accidentally dropped it on the floor. I still love to do that today.

So basically there were lots of random stuff I picked up and kept it as my “experiment” things, my mindset was “experimenting” equals being a great scientist.

At some point, those stuff I collected and kept mysteriously vanished, or maybe I didn’t remember it being purged along with my other collections. I moved on to another hobby, doing artworks in my teen years and I gradually lost interest on doing “experiments”.

The random Wikipedia game app reminds me how much things I explored and learned while in the same time, having fun doing it.



Come to think of it, these things I enjoyed doing has now evolved into something else. My crafting skills, sharpened together with my creativity and artwork skills, create wonders.

I invented the beautiful Wax Stopper, designed some bookmarks that was selling like hotcakes, done some awesome wood carvings on my high-school projects, a plethora of room improvement stuff and last but not least, cosplay designs.

Cosplay designing shifted my experimenting and crafting skills on high gear last year, so those experiences I had during childhood didn’t go to waste after all. And I will continue on doing that from now on, because it makes me happy to see the end product.

While not specifically a “scientist” anymore now, I’m glad to have those unique and fun childhood experience.


Perhaps you can tell me what was your career ambition back then and how it is today? 🙂




Great Scott!!


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