Happy mailbox and the reflection of life

Its a Happy Mailbox today, I finally got more postcards arriving via Direct Swapping. I got my first Gotochi postcard from Japan, and besides that, I also got postcards from France via postcrossing.com for the first time.

happy mailbox

I love to read their personal messages, the unique postal stamps, its a sign of personal taste of the sender and wants it to be spread around the world. As one of the sender from France, Pascaline, said,

Its like my spirit was travelling..

Receiving all of these postcards made me happy, these people send postcards not because they have to, but because they love it and happy to send it. Those happiness and love spreads out throughout the world, and I believe postcrossing.com had done a great job keeping this old tradition alive.

If you are interested to swap postcards or be postcard penpal, I would love to do so, drop me a message.

Today I would like to share this beautiful video to you guys, I replayed this video a few times and thought about what I am doing with my life right now.

Anyway, hope you enjoy your weekend, and whatever problem that you are facing right now, stay calm and keep looking for a good solution. God bless you. 🙂



And in your life? What is that you desire most?

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