Going CyanogenMod

My 2 year old Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is now running on CyanogenMod 11 (Android KitKat 4.4.4). It was a big gamble as I was modifying my phone for the first time, with a risk of it getting bricked. By bricked, I mean the phone can go non functional permanently. The last time I ever done modding, or flashing phone was 5 years ago, with my first cameraphone, Sony Ericsson K750 and subsequently Sony Ericsson W800i.

Note 2 CM11 d

Modding or flashing the phone system is a way to enhance its capability, from looks to functions. There are many Android developers and communities out there who work hard in giving out the best Android system ever.

The reason I did this modification, was that the stock Android Operating System (OS) was already showing signs of slowness and errors.Some of my phone apps keeps crashing or forced closing, camera slow response, many unwanted apps that I wish never installed on my phone.

After a few searches, I found a good article and easy to follow through instruction on rooting and subsequently reformat my phone to CyanogenMod Android OS. This is the result of the rooting and reformat;

Note 2 CM11 b

Beautiful and fast UI, I'm currently using LG3 theme

Beautiful and fast UI, I’m currently using LG3 theme

Icons and fonts is visibly bigger compared to the stock version, transition between screens are super smooth.

Note 2 CM11 h

There is much more options in the Settings area, I’m still fiddling with the controls here.

The startup animation when my phone powers on

The startup animation when my phone powers on

The camera UI

The camera UI

After the formatting, my phone’s internal memory gained from just merely 2GB to a whooping 5GB, makes me wonder what kind of apps installed in the stock Android OS. With much of the changes, I still miss a few things from the stock OS;

  • Stylus pen screenshot command
  • HDR Mode in camera
  • Animated gif in the image gallery

Other than that, everything is superrr awesome!

By the way, did you do your own modding too or just keep it that way? 🙂




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