Glenmorangie Orange Explosive Beats @ Firefly

Glenmorangie Orang Explosive Beats 2012

Glenmorangie Orange Explosive Beats is one of the happening club events I’ve been into this year, I never. Continuing a successful run of Orange-themed parties in Klang Valley, the Orange Explosive Beats have finally came to Kota Kinabalu.

Orange Splash

The club, splashed with vivid colours of orange lights as the crowd became merrier and merrier. The night was heated up with energetic live band  performance, which keeps the guests hyped up and entertained.

Live band performances

Special Glenmorangie

I am glowing orange by the way…

Tom go orange

And the lovely Glenmorangie ladies of the night.

Glenmorangie Ladies

The height of the show comes in as the gorgeous DJ Nikki taked over the DJ deck. Me with the crowd partied all night long, it was a great party night, shaking off my work stress I had that week.

The gorgeous DJ NikkiDJ Nikki and Glenmorangie

In the end, Glenmorangie succeeded in making their event enjoyable and I hope there will be even more exciting event coming up next year with Glenmorangie

Crowds at Firefly

Cheers the night away!~





Party hard! Party hard! Party hard! Party hard!

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