Gaya Souvenir Centre at Gaya Street

Gaya Street is one of the popular places to visit by tourists all year long. There are a lot of places where tourists can dine, find accommodations, relaxation and experience Gaya Street Sunday Market. The Sunday Market itself have lots of souvenirs that tourist can choose from, but if they wanted something out of the ordinary, the Gaya Souvenir Centre is the place to be.

Gaya Souvenir Centre, Gaya Street

Gaya Souvenir Centre
Lot 119, Ground & First Floor, Wisma Bumi. Jalan Gaya 88000. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel: +6 088-266191
Mobile: +6 016-8324599

Me and a few fellow bloggers came for a visit to this establishement, to check out the products thats on sale.

The souvenir centre is managed by Great Fortune Marketing Sdn. Bhd., and Gaya Souvenir Centre outlet serves as their second and biggest one yet. And because of its strategic location within the city centre and tourist trails, the souvenir centre became the most visited place to loo for special goods.

When talking about special goods, one will question, what makes this souvenir shops different from the rest? They have a unique and wide range of products, and most of the goods are produced and packaged by the company themselves.

My visit to the souvenir shops will show you the list of products that you can bring home and importantly, give it as a souvenir.

Tasty snacks

Musang King Crispy Durian

Musang King Crispy Durian

Musang King Crispy Durian is one of the most sought after snacks here, the pulp of Musang King durian flesh is freeze dried but still maintain the taste and smell of the fruit. Apart from that there are many other snacks to choose from.

If you are not fancy of durian, there are also a lot of equally tasty snacks options to choose from in this centre.







Bak Kut Teh goodness


The Bak Kut Teh sold here is not the ordinary ones you found else where, the spice mix recipe for this Bak Kut Teh originated from Sandakan, which they say ‘fragrant’ from the usual ones. Best of all you can actually make a a seafood Bak Kut Teh with this.

Wide range of chocolate fusions

The best part about this souvenir centre, chocolates galore! They have a wide variety of handmade dark chocolate fused with local fruits flavour to choose from. I personally love the taste of chocolate and orange, but if you’re a durian lover, you should try durian chocolate too.









Health and Vitality

You could also find quality Bird Nest and Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) here.


Tongkat Ali is commonly found here in Malaysian rainforests, is mainly well know for its range of medicinal properties as a general health tonic, including improvement in physical and mental energy levels and overall quality of life.



Birds nest has been harvested in the caves of Sabah since the early days, bird nest soup is one of the most popular Chinese cuisines.  The contents are supposedly rich in nutrients, which are traditionally believed to provide wide health benefits.

Not just an ordinary coffee

Coffee has been planted in certain parts of Sabah since the early days. Robusta coffee beans is the most planted because it produces a strong, full-bodied coffee with a distinctive earthy flavour, the signature taste of Sabahan coffee.

Here in Gaya Souvenir Centre, there are various coffee types to suit your taste-buds. You have got to visit here to see it for yourself.




You can also find the original Luwak Coffee here too,


Overall, I love the products that Gaya Souvenir Centre has to offer, this is the best place to get special snacks and coffees that you will not find in any other place. The staff are frienfly and does not hesitate to explaining about the various products on sale.

Whether it is for festivities of loved ones, you can always check out Gaya Souvenir Centre to find that right present to give away, or just enjoy it for your own.






Gaya Souvenir Centre, largest & most complete souvenir shop in KK!



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