The evolution of the blogger and which path did I took

Blogging, or originally called Web Log, evolved since the dawn of internet. It became a personalized site for users to write virtually anything and anytime. This infographic from shows how blogging has changed since the early days, and shows how many types of bloggers branched out from the original ones.

At the early stages, my blog is of course my online diary, writing random stuff from life stories to random hot babes. As time progresses I went to a lot of local events, food reviews, place of interest reviews and and write about it. I experienced a bit of everything, and this randomness became part of my own style.

But who knows, that may change again in the future. 🙂

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Evolution of blogger by makeuseof[dot]com




I blog, you blog, we blog.

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  1. nuranne says:

    i don’t even know where my blog stands now. it’s a mix of everything. and i find it hard to keep up with all the updates and visits.

    i think we need a gathering to boost our enthusiasm again (nampak enda motif i di situ hahaha)

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