Digda, the skateboarding cat

Digda the skateboarding cat

Digda the skateboarding cat.

This video featuring a cat named Digda, captured the netizen’s attention with its skateboarding skills. The video posted on CATMANTOO Youtube channel has gained over 1 million views and counting today, and I’m pretty impressed how this cat know its way around obstacles and bust some cool moves while skateboarding. Check out this vid,


According to CATMANTOO info, Didga is a Tabby born January 1st 2012, rescued from the (animal) shelter at 13 weeks old. Behind all of this cool stunts Digda perfomed, is a good amount of training. Robert Dollwet who have over 33 years experience as an animal trainer explained it a bit in this video in the same channel,

So the saying  ‘you can’t train a cat, cats train you!’ is actually not true. Much impressed with he video, I re-played this skateboarding vid for many times today.

So, do you think you can train your pet cat to do awesome tricks and cool moves?



World’s BEST Skateboarding CAT! Go Didga!

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