Day 6: Upvotes!

Day 6: A picture of something that makes you happy

I was pretty busy today that I have no time browsing for my own pictures, to answer today’s challenge question. But then, almost at the end of the day, I finally got what I want. Something that maked me happy, no, overjoyed and super excited! Can you guess what it is?

Something that makes me happy…

Is it looking at some sexy model pic on the web that gets me so “happy”?

Azusa Higa


Oh by the way, her name is Azusa Higa, a part Japanese, Spanish and Filipino beauty from the Japanese island of Okinawa. Check out her Facebook fan page (where I get her pic) here, Azusa Higa Fan Page.

Okay okay, off topic, but first let me tell you about this site,


This site called imgur is a simple image sharing website. When someone shared funny, cute, beautiful pics, while others come up with the wittiest or funniest comment to get upvotes. Upvotes is what keeps their comment at the most top, while downvotes will send their comment to oblivion, a place where the sun don’t shine.


Well you may wonder why I show you a pic of a dog sitting awkwardly, seems like nothing interesting right? But! the top comments is actually me, kupokupo, this is the first time I ever get upvoted to the top comments after a few times getting downvoted. Funny thing is I only commented with one character “&”, if you can guess the meaning of it, then upvotes for you!

And this screencapped picture, is what made me happy today. You can see the original post here, and do visit imgur more often! So, as many people flock 9gag for some funny pics, I still stick to imgur, because its more than just some… gag.






I don’t even think you ampersand how perfect your caption is. ~ junglejackass,

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