Day 25: Everyday I’m shuffling

Day 25: Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs

Sadly, I don’t have iPod, so what I do is enqueue my music folder to my favorite music player, Winamp. Play mode set to shuffle… oh, these music folder was created since April, a collection of favorite songs by me and Elly. Our love story is over, but it never stop me to listen to her favorite songs, well some, still not a fan of kpop music.

So here goes!~

  1. Destiny’s Child – Brown Eyes
  2. Craig Morgan – This Ole Boy
  3. Crossfade – Cold
  4. Jimmy Eats World – If You Don’t Don’t
  5. Martin Pellow – Close to You
  6. Busted – Losing You
  7. LMFAO – Put That A$$ To Work
  8. Blu Cantrell ft. Sean Paul – Breathe
  9. Train – Drive By
  10. Greyson Chance – Fire

Well, I guess thats all for this challenge question. Whats your favorite song by the way? 🙂






Begitulah awan nano,
setia melindungi diri,
tika panas mencuba menggores pipi,
dan bibirmu ~ Hafiz, Awan Nano

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