Day 22: Yo! What’s in the bag? Part 2

Day 22: What’s in your purse bag?

Hey… I did blogged about this before, it was back in 2010 and surprisingly in the same 30 Day Blog Challenge as well, read the entry here.

Back to this time, I don’t use a backpack anymore, instead I use a sling bag. Its been a few months now since I use a sling bag, I thought I will not like the transition from backpack to sling bag, turns out I really like it. Of course, the capacity limit for this bag is far less that my original backpack. So, I carry only the essential stuffs, I will put in/bring more stuffs if it is really important.

  1. My sling bag, was some goodie bag of a big conference before.
  2. My official name card, Bringing it with me anywhere I go.
  3. House keys, “ringed” together with a few beautiful keychains.
  4. Office keys, I am the gatekeeper.. so to speak.
  5. Yep, still the small reference book from before, cover was badly damaged so I just tore it off. Also comes with a pen.
  6. Spare change, for paying bus fare.
  7. Leftover Clorets since Monday, just finished the last one as I make this entry.
  8. This is also the same lip balm I used 2 years ago, yes, it has been 2 years and I’m still using it for occasional dry lips problem.
  9. Nasal inhaler, a must have.
  10. USB drive, now upgraded to 16GB capacity, win
  11. Epic card reader, with metalic body and pseudo-USB drive design. This baby can support to 32GB memory cards.
  12. Activity book, for works, blogging ideas and scribbles.

The big thing that is missing here is the collapsible unbrella. The last umbrella was broken and rendered unusable. I hae a spare big umbrella though, but that was put in the office for emergency purposes.

Looks like I’ll still be carrying my bag around for a few years. 🙂






I just finished all the Clorets, now my breath is minty fresh!

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4 Responses

  1. Gee says:

    Is the spare change really for paying bus fare? or was lost and found inside your bag. ;p just kidding.
    Rajin sy mo berkumin2 d sini ni hari.. 🙂
    Gee latest entry..Gareth Gates – Unchained MelodyMy Profile

    • Rungitom says:

      And I thank you for that. :happy

  2. audeanor says:

    Nasal inhaler, a must have for me too. You use your lip balm since 2 yrs ago? better check the expired date Tom. My 2nd daughter and eldest son had a very dry lips and let them use Nivea Med Protection SPF15, their lips getting better now and doesn’t need to wear it frequently like b4. You should try it.

    • Rungitom says:

      Thanks for the tips. I would love to try that.

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