Day 2: Why Rungitom?

Day 2: Meaning behind your blog name

So the next challenge question is about my blog name, I can give you a straight answer and get over with this quickly. But then, that would be pretty boring. Might as well I tell you a little bit of a blog history along the way.

Meaning of Rungitom

Rungitom is the dark coloured fruit, the texture and the looks resembles quite a lot like the Pulasan fruit. You may have to Google up “Pulasan” if you have no idea what fruit I’m talking about. How I got that name stuck with me? Ok, when I was still a baby, grandma saw my skin complextion as dark as my dad. Grandma joked about my skin had the same colour as the fruit Rungitom, that became stuck with me and my nickname Tom is derived from it. So, Tom & Rungitom is inseparable, I am le fruit, I am also le guy who has dark skin. I like the

Prelude of Rungitom

At the early days of my blogging life, I used Blogger to host my blog. Before I chose Rungitom as my blog name there are few names come up in my mind, among them are lookingatlove, tommy86, comical-boy. It was a sudden thought in my mind that sounded “Why not use rungitom?”. So I made a keyword search on Google if anybody had picked up this name… to my surprise, none at all. Mind you that the search was made in 2009, prior to my blog launch date in November. Rungitom is a very unique name, non existing on the internet yet at that time, so I took the name for my blog. My blog was first launched with the url, few days later, I changed to My first blog template was a 3 column with pitch black colour scheme, November 2, 2009, a blog called Rungitom Life was born.

Before the year turns 2012, I bought my own domain name, I began blogging on a self hosting platform and using WordPress as my blog CMS (Content Management System). My blog is now called The Rungitom, sporting minimalist theme and simple 2 column layout.

And the rest, is history in the making, I hope you enjoyed reading a bit of my blog name meaning and history of my early days in blogging. Stay updated with my next entry, its all about my first love. 😉






What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. ~ William Shakespeare

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