Day 19: I miss

Day 19: Something you miss

As I grew older, I do miss a thing or two in the past, but that doesn’t mean I want to cling to the past always. I can’t help it, sometimes when I’m riding in a bus, lying on my bed, looking to some old photos, see kids playing… I remembered my happy times in the past.


I miss having fun and playful as a kid.

I miss the feeling of loving someone and being loved back.

I miss my old artworks that was missing and that was given away to my friends.

But most of all, I miss my dad.

Coming this June 1st, marks 3 years since his passing. God bless his soul…






Whats in the past will stay in the past, what you can do is to learn from the past and pave a better road for you in the future.

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  1. 30 Oct ’13

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