Day 16: The house of dreams

Day 16: Dream house

Oh, do you have a dream house? Everybody does right? Everyone have their own preference on how their house gonna be. Me? Yes I do have imagined how my dream house gonna look like. But to squeeze out every details? Nope, because my dream house haven’t finished building yet.

So I just give you a glimpse of what my house gonna be. Last time, when I was talking to Robin (someone who turned from lover to good friend), I like to have my home near water. May it be a lake, a river or the sea, looking to a body of water… makes me calm.

If I don’t get that, at least I wanna have a bungalow with one pool at my backyard. The backyard must be spacious for more activities, on top of that, I also like ample space on my front lawn as well. Why? Because I will have so much room for activities!


Now… you know roughly how my dream house look like. :happy






Home interprets heaven. Home is heaven for beginners. ~ Charles Henry Parkhurst

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  1. 30 May ’12

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