Covering the long distance

the long distance

It began with a simple introduction, sharing of feelings, favourite song sharings and exchanging inspirational words, all made online. Though the magic words was not spoken mutually and we still haven’t met up, the feelings were there.

We reminded each other about the pro and cons, but the relationship strength continues to shapes up gradually with full awareness on what are we on to..

The long distance relationship.

I haven’t been writing about love for a very long time, and the relationship we had right now already marks its first year this month. Initially I seriously have no idea what to expect from long distance relationship made online, but I firmly decided to continue on.

Like any relationships, there are some hurdles along the way. I was very, I mean very patient throughout the early relationship course, something that surprised even myself. There are a few times that I question myself “Is it worth the sacrifice?”, “Am I too forcing her?”, “Am I to lenient?”, “Am I ready for this?”

But, instead of worrying about what might happen to us in the future, we agreed to enjoy every single moments we had for each other now. And that is how we enjoy our special relationship.

Long distance bridge

I love how we are doing things right now, good mornings and good nights, telling everyday life stories, imparting advices, pic sharing and random talks on random stuff, like this random quote I made the other night..

Life is full of uncertainties

You can’t please everyone


As long as you love

Everything else doesn’t matter anymore

Because you strive to do your best, in positivity with love.

But the best quote so far is the one she made, WAO, meaning We Are One. Being One in a sense of having the same thoughts, preferences and favourite stuff. She is quite funny at times too, like she totally trolled me on April Fools day.

Like Justin Timberlake told to his love in his song, “The vacancy that sat in my heart, is a space that now you hold.”, that is what she is to me. When the right time has come, we will move on to the next level.

Our ultimate goal right now is be able to meet each other in person, all that messaging and video calls via Hangout is only the beginning. Someday we will make that happen. 🙂




The vacancy that sat in my heart, is a space that now you hold.


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