BURGERBAR.co Grand Opening at Lintas Plaza

Me and my blogger friends witness BURGERBAR.co grand opening at Lintas Plaza on June 26, 2013. Few day before, I posted an instagram photo about the establishment.

BURGERBAR.co Grand Opening at Lintas Plaza

BURGERBAR.co is non-halal gourmet burger establishment, which opens daily from 10am to 11pm on weekdays, 10am to 12midnight on weekends.

The establishment is dedicated to serve gourmet burgers in bold flavor combinations made with high-quality ingredients.

Housing a 60-seats dining area, the walls are adorned with cool and original graffiti and paintings signed by the grand master of street art in Sabah, Harold Eswar, setting BURGERBAR.co as the latest hip hangout joint in town.

Full house at BURGERBAR.co grand opening

Full house at BURGERBAR.co grand opening

During the grand opening night, invited guests and walk in patrons were served with BURGERBAR.co’s “Must Try” items which include The Farmhouse, Swish Mushroom, Tori Katsu, Another ‘Japonese’ and vegetarian options, Truffle Mushroom and Tomatomato Burger.


“We are gourmet burger lovers ourselves, so we know exactly what our patrons are asking for – our
classic and wackiest are “engineered” right here in our kitchen to make the best gourmet burgers in town,” said Arthur Lee, co-director of BURGERBAR.co during the grand opening.

Arthur Lee (co-director), Patrick Moon (co-director) and Dominic Chung (co-director and head chef) of BURGERBAR.co officiating the grand opening

Arthur Lee (co-director), Patrick Moon (co-director) and Dominic Chung (co-director and head chef) of BURGERBAR.co officiating the grand opening

“Our patties and dipping sauces are made fresh every day, we serve only the freshest ingredients and our patties are made of grain and corn fed beef and poultry,” added Dominic Chung, BURGERBAR.co’s co-director and head chef.

“We are a no-frills gourmet burger restaurant – our items may seem simple but we go to extraordinary lengths to make sure we make the tastiest gourmet burgers in town,” he added.

Taste, like no other

Each of the burgers I tasted is rich and unique in flavour, different from what I tasted before. Other than that, I had much fun spending time chatting with my friends, I definitely had a blast.

DSC_0100 DSC_0120 Guests enjoying a variety of mini burgers served by BURGERBAR.co during the grand opening DSC_0162

If you wanted something new, or a different taste in burgers, you should definitely check out BURGERBAR.co. They have a wide variety of burgers to choose from and each of them are definitely worth a try. 😉





BURGERBAR.co, the finest Gourmet Burger Joint in Kota Kinabalu

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  1. Arms says:

    So this is the restaurant you mentioned, cool. And a lot of burgers! Wakakaa.

    Happy weekend, bro!

    • Rungitom says:

      Saya punya happy weekend kena kacau oleh banjir oh, hahaha. Nanti sa crita. 😛
      Rungitom latest entry..Malaysian football needs to rise above petty issues and must continue to improve My Profile

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