A brief walk in the city

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The sight of KK city post office in the opening hours in 8:00AM…

Today I walked from Asia City (where my bus stop is) to this post office because I cannot wait for the City Bus service. Its not that very far anyway, so I enjoyed the view while walking to my destination. The sun is just warming up the city with its shine and the trafffic began to increase its pace.

I came there to get some postal stamps to send my next batch of postcards to postcard enthusiast friends from around the world. Some of them arrived earlier than I expected, like Ukraine and UK, and some arrived just in time like Taiwan. Hopefully the other postcards arrived safely too.

On the other hand, I am also eagerly waiting for my postcards, which always came like 3 – 4 weeks from the date they sent. I’m not sure why out national postal service is this slow.

Finished my business at the post office, I walked from there to Marina Court area to take another bus to my workplace, estimated time reaching there was 10 – 12 minutes. I guess its a great exercise form me in the morning. I feel all sweaty as the sunshine get stronger.

The Oceanus Mall, work in progress

The Oceanus Mall, work in progress

Looks like the mall will be opening soon, probably this year. Sad thing is, the Marina Court residents no longer get an exclusive sea view any more. I was wondering if the rent will get lower because of that.

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Tonight will be the time for me to write and stamping all the requested postcards I received yesterday. I have to double the amount of postcards for my album soon, Malaysian Borneo postcards are always unique and in demand from postcard enthusiast around the world.

With that said, its a great thing to know, many people will come to know about us and one day come down here to visit. In a way, postcards help to boost our tourism industry.



Postcards and tourism goes hand in hand.

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  1. nuranne says:

    this is great. saw the photo in instagram where you are sending the postcards.

    come to think of it i used to collect postcards back in schools. after few years of untouched, the postcards went yellowish.

    • Rungitom says:

      A sign of aging, hey, why don’t you blog about your postcard collections? 🙂
      Rungitom latest entry..‘Streamlined” Facebook pages look coming soonMy Profile

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