Bicycle Cafe Veggie, Karamunsing Capital

Maybe some of you feel bored with eating chicken every single day in your life. So why not take a break of all that meat eating and swith on to some greens once in a while? I don’t always go for a vegetarian food dining, but when I do, I go to Bicycle Cafe Veggie.

No, its not some bicycle shop, Bicycle Cafe Veggie is a newly opened lifestyle cafe that serve a variety of vegetarian cuisine, from Asian to Western styled dishes. I’m joining the bloggers for my first ever foodie adventure in a cafe styled vegetarian eatery.

Bicycle Cafe Veggie
H-0-6, Ground Floor,
Karamunsing Capital,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel: 013-435 4444 (Lee)
Facebook: BicycleCafe

Crunchy munch

First up, some crunchy munchy cuisines,

Salt and Pepper Tofu Puff – RM4.90 (5 pieces) RM8.90 (10 pieces)

Bicycle Combo – RM11.90

The Bicycle Combo is really great for your first try and just the right cuisine for a light meal. Although based on vegetable, there’s rainbow of flavor in every bite you take. Yeah you heard me, rainbows~

The squiggles set

Ah, nothing like a great set of noodle based cuisines to fill up your vegetarian appetite,

Spaghetti Alfredo RM12.90

Ok, this kinda cuisine always tasted creamy to me, this however being a vegetarian version, has a little bit of difference. Its a great dish nonetheless.

Indian Style Fried Mee RM7.90

Bicycle Lasagna RM12.90

Don’t forget the rice!

Vegetarian Pattaya Fried Rice RM8.90

The Main Event

Vegetarian Bah Kut Teh with Rice RM9.90

A different styled of Bah Kut Teh, Vegetarian Bah Kut Teh. This soup is served the same herbs and spices with a plethora of mock meat, mushroom, black fungus, beancurd puff and vegetables. The soup, although not as great as the originals, still, packs a great taste and highly recommended to vegetarians who loke Bak Kut Teh. The rice that comes together really completes the serving.

So guys, don’t forget to try out dining at this restaurant, my suggestion is that you order Bicycle Combo just to start things off, and get Spaghetti Alfredo or Vegetarian Bah Kut Teh to complete your vegetarian cuisine experience. Or you can have it your way, come and check out other tasty vegetarian cuisines.






So I heard in America, pizza is a vegetable

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