ASEAN 48th Anniversary commemorative stamps and FDC: Pos Malaysia Edition

So the Joint Stamp Issue of ASEAN Community went on sale yesterday (August 11, 2015) and I already prepared some postcards for stamping and postmarking before that. Turns out there were not much of a crowd at Kota Kinabalu GPO as I arrived there early morning. There were at least 4 people who was buying the commemorative release, including me and one of my Postcrossing friend.

Stamp Sheet and FDC ASEAN 48 issue from Pos Malaysia

I bought a few stamp sheets and FDC, and I tried making a Maximum Card for the first time. A maximum card (or Maxi-card) is a postcard with the postal stamp placed on the picture side of the postcard where the stamp and card match or are in concordance.

I made 2 versions of it, one using the provided stamp pad (which was actually thumb-print ink pad) and my own Pelikan brand stamp pad. Both were a bit messed up since it cannot dry up fast on glossy surface.

My stamp pad ink impression was slightly better than the provided stamp pad, but still the final result is unsatisfactory. The search continues for a stamp pad that work wonders on glossy surface…

First try for Maximum Card ASEAN 48

This is an old ASEAN themed postcard which still depicts the old Myanmar flag, didn’t find any postcards which has the updated flag image, that will do for my first test run.

Also, Sky52200 of mentioned that there is a special 10 nations folder, complete with unique stamps and postmarks. This folder is not yet available for sale in Malaysia, but I believe it may pop up in the Pos Malaysia special SODA (Standing Order Deposit Account) very soon.

10 nations folder

10 nations folder

The cream of the crop!, a great addition for philatelic enthusiast, you must check out sky52200 entry on Thaipex 2015 for more juicy info!

That is all for my Postcrossing report today, see you again in the next Special issue. πŸ™‚



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