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I wonder where the inspiration for me to do artworks go, the feel wasn’t the same as it used to be 10 years ago. Something is missing, I need to find that missing piece or else I’m not going anywhere in practising my drawings.

I looked back to my old drawings that I kept all the years, some nostalgic, some are very precious and some “How the heck did I do this?”

Looking back to my artworks is equivalent to looking at old photographs, some brings emotional feelings and memories of the yesteryears. Every lines, crease and traces on the white sheet of paper reminds me how adamant I was in finishing my masterpiece.

A sense of fulfilment and enjoyment raised every time I finished my artwork, I feel good, really really good.

“I did this”

“This is my version”

The imaginations trapped within my head, flows like a river down through my right hand and bursts at the tip of the pencil lead.

Atlantis The Lost Empire

Atlantis The Lost Empire

A comparison of my pre-2003 (coloured ones) and after 2003 (upper left) artwork style, sometimes I wish I can use back my old style. This was a result of Hong Kong comic influence I got from Dewata Raya, Wira Tunggal, Jengking Merah. The style looks more exotic rather than the fully manga-adapted style I had now.

lovely maiden

lovely maiden

This art was made based on my brother’s friend sketch, I drew for them a manga styled portrait for them as well.

A Boy A Ghost and A Story

A Boy A Ghost and A Story

A fanfic artwork based on my favourite TVB drama shown on TV2 back then, called Mr. Diana.


I love to use colour pencil until now, I would take time to colour it smoothly and use white colour pencil to add as a finishing touch, like a shellac finishing paint.



I love giant robots, Gundam series played a big part in my drawing inspiration of especially the many variants of the mono-eyed Zaku. The Aerovion concept I made was the product of that inspiration, something that I made as a direct continuation of a prior concept comic, Future Saviour.



The best of all, I record the life of my highschool days on a piece of blank paper, which I got from any exam paper. The last page of the said exam paper is always left blank at the back, so after I’ve done with my answers in exam, I drew stuff to kill the extra time.

Some of the scenes you see up there is real, maybe a bit exaggerated for fun. Nonetheless, I love doing it.

Getting it back

Peoples, friends, favourites, adorations, life… perhaps back in the days, one does not simply ‘right click and save” or “bookmark for later viewing”, once it gone, its gone forever. The digital age changed my lifestyle to a different level, hence I suspect this gradually diminish my time and inspiration to draw day by day.

How do I go about this? Honestly I’m still looking for the right solution and strategy to keep it going again. Hopefully I find it soon, 2014 seems promising.




We’ve outsourced our memories to digital devices, and the result is that we no longer trust our memories. We see every small forgotten thing as evidence that they’re failing us. ~ Joshua Foer

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