Almost Saoirse

30 Day Art Challenge Day 2

Day 2 of my 30 Day Art Challenge, trying to keep up with the challenge in a busy times is hard. But no matter what happened I will keep on and do my artworks. So Day 2 challenge is Someone you like (celebrity, significant other, your crush)



For this challenge, I picked the beautiful eyed Saoirse Ronan. Back in the early days, I always do the tracing technique to get the first sketch of a subject especially from a photo. The tracing helped me a lot to understand the facial structure and identifying their special facial traits, such as the eyes, the lips, hairstyles, etc.

I tried to trace the basic feature of Saoirse face and try to get as close as I can to the real deal below,

Saoirse Ronan original

But eventually it end up like this,

almost Saoirse Ronan

I feel like I’m drawing a mix of Jennifer Aniston + Jennifer Garner + Sarah Jessica Parker. Hands are still stiff and you can see the outline of erased sketches. Gonna work on that and also revised my ‘copying’ skill once again.






I call this technique X-Copy

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