All the best to Joanna, Deidre, Grace and Xandria!

Miss Earth Malaysia 2012 Finalists

Moments from now, the Grand Coronation for the new Miss Earth Malaysia will be happening at Syuen Hotel Grand Ballroom, Ipoh, Perak. I can guess that our Environmental Crusaders are making their final preparation right now, and all of us who have been supporting them since the beginning are anxious to get the latest live updates via Twitter.

Miss Earth Sabah offcial Twitter has been actively updating with us with all the activities that they have been through during the pageant week. Since the pageant week started, Joanna, Deidre, Grace and Xandria got involved in many programs such as going for a charity ride, visit old folks home, eco educational tour and attend cultural talks. Here are some of their photos taken from Miss Earth Sabah twitter updates,

Trip to tea plantation

Enjoying the fresh air and the green majestic view of Cameron Highland

Xandria at Boh Tea Plantation

Joanna poses at Boh Tea Plantation

3D 2N stay at beautiful Sentosa Villa, Taiping

Together with makeup artists from SUB

Fun day out with the children

Getting ready for Talent Competition

Visited the old folks homes at Ipoh

Preview Show. Thanks to Memories Bridal Gallery for the beautiful gowns

Looking great, group photo while waiting for lunch

Joanna enjoying her strawberry pudding

Grace enjoying her delicious strawberry dessert

Its very great to know that Sabah representatives won and got their place in a few subsidiary titles. To start off, Deidre won the first subsidiary title, Miss Earth Media Gorgeous.

For Miss Overtime Tropical Beauty, Deidre and Xandria earned second and third place respectively.

They both changed places in Miss Earth Glamour Look title, with Xandria taking the second place and Deidre taking third place.

Miss Earth Glamour Look

In Best Eco Costume title, Deidre was the first runner-up with her ‘Environment Warrior’ inspired eco dress.

Best Eco Costume Design

You remember her eco dress back in Miss Earth Sabah 2012 Grand Coronation Night? Here’s a bit of a story behind her eco dress..

Deidre’s eco dress represents the local environment heroes. The timeless local motive on her bold-colored loincloth represents the identity of the Land Below the Wind, a state bountifully blessed with beautiful nature’s paradise. Thus, with her spear that symbolises her pledge, she will fight to ensure the gift from Mother Earth not just in Sabah, but nationwide is well taken care of and sustained for the benefits of the next generation.

Xandria earned her place in Best in Talent title with her Peacock dance, an elegant traditional Chinese Folk dance.

Best in Talent

Looking at this recent achievements, us, I really hope that this year, the crown of Miss Earth Malaysia 2012 will be won Sabah once again; thus making it the third time a Sabahan representing Malaysia in the international level.

For the record, Sabah representatives had won the Miss Malaysia Earth title for two consecutive years in 2009 and 2010.

Mandy Nandu, who is also the director of MNE Productions, and the state organizer of Miss Earth Sabah, won the main title in the national level in 2009. She represented Malaysia in the Miss Earth International pageant in the Philippines. This victory was then repeated the following year by Appey Rowena Januin, who represented Malaysia in Vietnam. Just last year , Sabah almost repeated the victory for the third time when Crystel Eve Huminodun Majimbon won the first runner-up title in the national level.

All the best Joanna, Deidre, Grace and Xandria, we here are supporting you all the way and always proud of what you have achieved until the grand final, come what may.

If you want live updates on the grand coronation, do follow @MissEarthSabah Twitter now and fast updates.

Oh and one more thing, check out Deidre’s straight hair. 😀

Deidre straight hair






For our Environment Crusaders!

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