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Just 17 hour ago, Air Asia official page on Facebook announce the increment of airport tax for all airports. Now what is airport tax? This can refer to Airport Improvement Fee, charged by some airports to fund expansion projects; or Landing fees, charged by most international airports per landed aircraft, and usually paid by the passengers as part of the price of the tickets. Either its one of it or both, I’m not sure how Malaysia Airports Berhad (MAB) charge it, yep you read that, you’re not paying for the airline carrier company but to MAB. Read the announcement from Air Asia below,



Malaysia Airports Berhad (MAB) has enforced the increment of airport tax for all airports throughout Malaysia for all International Flights.

“You can increase if you improve the facilities. I don’t see the justification for it as our guests are the ones paying for it, and it costs more to fly now” – Kathleen Tan, Regional Head of Commercial

With compliance, the airport tax raise will be effective from this 25th November 2011 (Friday) at 00:01 hrs (GMT+8). All flights purchased from 25th November 2011 onwards will adhere to the new airport tax increase.

*Please note that the airport tax are 100% payable to Malaysia Airports Berhad (and not to AirAsia Berhad).

If you feel like raising your concerns or feedback, you can write to the CEO of MAB at or through the online feedback form

The most significant changes will be the ticket price itself, the changes got a lot of reactions by customers. What do you think about the airport tax changes, is it a burden or just another price hike that will soon be forgotten?

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Please take note that the airport tax including the latest increment has been collected by the Airport Authority – MAHB but not us, please voice out your words direct to the Airport Authority ~ AirAsia

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6 Responses

  1. Aki says:

    Whoa.. International flight sure naik harga la skrg ni bos?? Aiya,baru becadang mo pigi London.. ^_^.v..

  2. maslight says:

    Harga barang naik, gaji tetap sama, we're screwed.

  3. cutebun says:

    I hate it when they do price hike.. even harder to fly now..

    Cutebun FB page

  4. Meitzeu says:

    Oh my~ That's totally a bad sign for travelers like us. 🙁

  5. beaty says:

    alalal oh my oh my..kenapa naik lagi

  6. abel says:

    pretty nice site and unique content for people….. i have a website here Airline Passenger Tax The international flights are creating a threat to the people …

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