Air Asia Bloggers Community: KK Bloggers Gathering 2014

Last Saturday Air Asia Bloggers Community members in Kota Kinabalu had their first gathering this year, it was held at Texas Grill Restaurant And Bar, first floor.

AirAsia Bloggers Community Gathering KK





I joined Air Asia Bloggers Community  last year and subsequently had my first ever bloggers trip Kota Bharu, Kelantan. It was totally a new and great experience for me, and this gathering is a great way for us to meet and have a great chat. I met back Ashman and Daphne as well as getting acquainted with Ka Mei,

Ashman, Daphne and Ka Mei

Ashman, Daphne and Ka Mei

We dine, we chat, we laugh, its been a while since the last bloggers gathering I joined in. Aside from great chat and nice food, we were surprised with 2 return ticket vouchers! The ticket was attached on a random chairs before we came, in the end, Margaret got voucher for a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Sherrie  got voucher for a trip to Singapore, while Charlotte  got voucher for a trip to Hong Kong!





Charlotte and me. Photo by Daphne

Charlotte and me. Photo by Daphne

Charlotte decided to give me one of the return ticket voucher, lucky me!



Each of us got a goodie bag courtesy of Air Asia, one of the thing that we got was these cool t-shirt.


I am the Captain for the night, cool eh?

Here are more photos from the gathering, courtesy of Daphne,









We all had our great time that day, looking forward for another gathering and bloggers trip with Air Asia. In the meantime, up until today, I’m still devising my plan for a trip to Hong Kong.



You have to dream before your dreams can come true. ~ Abdul Kalam




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