About Me

O hai,  Tom Rungitom here. 🙂

I am a regular Sabahan guy who was born in Brunei, raised in Sabah, and further my studies in Sarawak.  I am the author for rungitom.com, ever since it was launched in 2009. So whats with rungitom.com? Well…



Writing is something that I can pour out all of my imaginations and creativity on every single line, and make it feel “as real as possible” despite the genre I wrote about. Writing has become one of my tools for self expression.

The word "BLOG"

I use blog as a new platform for me to write and further practice my storytelling skills. I launched “Rungitom Life” as my official personal blog, which is now called “The Rungitom”,

The Rungitom Logo

then again, renamed back to “Rungitom Life” (for good). My blog was my doorway to online social networks, a place to meet more new readers and make new friends as well.

Rungitom Life

I mainly write/blog about personal stories. That eventually expanded to more genres/categories like entertainment, current issues, local events, news, humor, photography, beauties, artworks, local histories and much more. I cover events and also do some photography works for my stories.

So I hope that you’ve enjoyed the stories I’ve written so far, the story written from a regular Sabahan guy. Do drop your comments and tell me how you feel or share your thoughts, happy reading! 😉

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Dreams and Imaginations like no other, this is my story, the story of a regular Sabahan guy.