30 Day Art Challenge: Restart

30 Day Art Challenge Restart 2013


Special for the month of April, I took the courage and restart my 30 Day Art Challenge. I failed to complete it last year, but I will not let that happen again. So let the challenge start and finish in style!

I no longer have the ability to work on a very detailed art. Hopefully by the end of this challenge, my hands are no longer stiff and have better chance to draw more epic artworks in the future. The challenge is inspired by a Deviantart member called Terribly.


  1. Yourself or your persona (in this blog entry!)
  2. Someone you like (celebrity, significant other, your crush)
  3. One, some or all of your friends
  4. An animal you think is really cute
  5. Your favorite outfit
  6. Something you’ve never drawn before
  7. Your family or a family member
  8. Something with your favorite color
  9. Your favorite cartoon/anime character
  10. Something you couldn’t live without
  11. Your favorite food
  12. An inanimate object
  13. A group picture
  14. Your favorite book character
  15. Something from your favorite board or video game
  16. Something that represents your favorite song
  17. Your favorite holiday
  18. A couple (any two people)
  19. Something you’re afraid of
  20. A comic
  21. Something you don’t like
  22. Your favorite season
  23. Something that makes you happy
  24. Something that represents your favorite culture/country/language
  25. Someone or something from mythology
  26. Your favorite sweet food/candy/etc
  27. Your favorite scene from a movie
  28. A room
  29. Your favorite weather
  30. Something you’d like to share with your followers and friends

The challenge starts now with Day 1: Yourself or your persona.

30 Day Art Challenge Day 1

I have a specific trait for the persona I always drew for myself, middle curtained hair, a big glasses to hide my eye and always sporting collared shirt, a reminder that my highschool days was the start of it all. The tradition still stick to my persona, and almost all the other generic new character I made along the years.



#3, 30 Day Art Challenge (Day 1): Persona

#3, 30 Day Art Challenge (Day 1): Persona

The recent persona is quite a departure from the original one according to my current looks, longer hair, having no glasses to hide my eyes but still sporting collared shirt, now, a reminder of me in the working world.

Look out for daily artwork updates for the whole month, so see you in the next 30 Day Art Challenge blog entry.







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